WvW Intelligence

Published on 3/12/2014

Screenshot of the WvW Intelligence web app.
Screenshot of the WvW Intelligence web app.

Expanding and Updating

Since I initially launched Maguuma Intelligence near the end of 2013, I have continued to update and expand it. The application has been publically launched and re-branded as WvW Intelligence and now supports every World vs World match-up. The public launch was incredibly successful thanks to Reddit, surpassing four thousand visits in one day! Since then, WvW Intelligence has become quite popular and has overtaken other similar applications.

Several new features include pulsing animations on flipped objectives, improved upgrade tracking UI, map-by-map score breakdowns, score pie charts, and much more! If you're a Guild wars 2 player who dabbles in World vs World to any amount, WvW Intelligence is an invaluable tool and should be in your bookmarks. Check it out for yourself here: http://wvwintel.com.