WvW Intelligence 2.0

Published on 4/16/2015

Screenshot of WvW Intelligence on a tablet.
Screenshot of WvW Intelligence on a tablet.

New Features and Improvements

Recently, I launched an updated version of the WvW Intelligence web app: http://wvwintel.com. These changes originally began as an attempt to use the GW2 Tiles API, but I was unhappy with the result and decided to improve upon the current app instead.

With the Heart of Thorns expansion looming on the horizon, I expect there will be many changes I will have to make to bring the website up to speed. I'm hoping the GW2 API is updated before release so there is no downtime for users while I prepare the updates.

I also added in a fun April Fools update that has a robotic voice heckle you while you play which was a big hit. It is now available as an optional feature in the audio settings tab.

What's new you ask?

  • UI polish
  • High resolution up-to-date map and icons
  • New text-to-speech audio alert feature for desktop
    • Get spoken audio alerts when objectives are captured
    • Controls to pick which updates you want to hear, or mute entirely
  • Mobile Apps for Android/iOS
    • You can run this as a full screen web app without having to install anything from iTunes or the Play Store! Here's how:
    • Step 1: Visit http://wvwintel.com on your device's browser (chrome or safari)
    • Step 2: Open the browser menu and pick "Add to Home Screen"
    • Step 3: Enjoy an icon on your home screen that launches a full screen web app
  • And many more upates that have been added over the year since the initial launch in February 2014