Maguuma Intelligence

Published on 11/18/2013

Screenshot from the Maguuma Intelligence web app.
Screenshot from the Maguuma Intelligence web app.

Real-time Game Updates on the Web

I needed a new personal project recently, so I decided to build a site related to a game that I play and enjoy called Guild Wars 2. This is a fully responsive site that works all the way down to mobile, and it uses the Guild Wars 2 API to get real-time updates from the game for Maguuma server's current match-up in World vs. World. Any time an objective is captured, it is logged client side in the lower right-hand corner.

In addition to utilizing the Guild Wars 2 API, which is pretty bare bones unfortunately, I have also added some server side features to enhance the usefulness of the map. Using data entered by the users of this site, it is able to track the status of various upgrades for fortifications in the world. Any upgrade change that is submitted by a user is available to all other users during the next API refresh. All in all, I am very happy with the current results and hope to add more useful features as time goes on.